With our more than 7 years of voluntarily experience at Grass-root level, Policy-Level and Global Level, you can be confident when making your donation. Your donation is a gift which ensure that young people in Bihar and around the world, including some of the most vulnerable and underserved, are able to realize a brighter future. Make a donation, and together we’ll see greater results in three priority areas: Igniting Minds to break down barriers to youth economic independence, empowering young entrepreneurs with knowledge, technology and opportunity, and helping Women to be economically empowered.

Your donation will be for

  • StartUp Yatra or YUVA Yatra
  • Workshops
  • Awareness Campaign
  • Youth Empowerment Events
  • Policy Advocacy Events
  • EAI Events
  • Women Empowerment Events
  • Events for the Underprivileged

To learn more about how you can contribute to life skills training, an employability initiative, or our endowment - please contact Abhishek Kumar.

We invite you to be a part of the EAI movement.

All Donations to Entrepreneurs Association of India are 50% Tax Exempt under section 80G of IT Act, 1961


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