How to Manage Stress in Covid-19

COVID 19 is the ultimate disruptor. It has brought entire world on their knees. Targeting the entire earth’s population. It has already reshaped family dynamics and people’s work. No one knows how long it will last. Doctors and scientist are still not sure about the covid 19 symptoms. Watching the news and updates has created a lot of stress in their mind.

Stress is an Epidemic; Stress is a feeling of Emotional or Physical Tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel Frustrated, angry, or nervous. Stress is your body’s reaction to a challenge or demand. The Challenge of covid 19 has Increased the Level of Stress in all Human Mind.

According to WHO- Stress, Anxiety,and Depression in 20 yrs will become the leading cause of disability at the workplace. Due to Stress one can easily experience the Mental Breakdown, Particularly at this NOVEL CORONA time. We all have to take extra care of ourselves and our closed ones when there is a Crisis going on at a Global Level. This the time when each and everyone of us can be a Soldier and fight against the Common enemy COVID 19.
Stress can cause a lot of Mental Disorders like- Psycosomatic:- A Dieases which involves both mind and body. Your current mental state can effect how bad a Physical disease is at any given time. INSOMNIA is a sleep disorder in which you have trouble in falling or staying asleep.This is also caused by Stress. Some of the
Psychological and Emotional signs that you are stressed out include:-
  • Dipression or Anxiety.
  • Anger,irritation ,or Restlessness.
  • Feeling Overwhelmed ,Unmotivated,or Unfocused.
  • Trouble Sleeping or Sleeping too much.
  • Racing Thoughts, or constant worry.
  • Problems in Concentration.
  • Taking bad decisions.
Although these are very tough time but there is always a ray of hope. The COVID Warriors are doing their best to keep us safe and we all should help them by showing our full support to them. If they are fighting hard to keep our surroundings clean then we should definitely fight harder to keep our mind clean n clear in keeping stress and all its problems away from us. If we all follow some simple Measures we can defeat stress.
  • Keep mind positive.
  • Try on new activities, both physical a well as mental.
  • Use of Technology, Various apps like AROGYA SETU, ZOOM for Online Meetings and Webinars, and various group chat apps will keep you up to date with your classes or work.
  • Meditation- sit up straight with both feet. Close your eyes. Focus your attention on Receiting—out loud or silently—a positive mantra such as I feel at piece—Take a deep breath in hold ur breadth for a sec or two and slowly breath out—and u will see that all the distracting thoughts will release.
During this tough time the determination level of every individual has drastically increased .In this very tough time in COVID 19 we become a very strong power because we all are determined that at any cost we are going to combat at this alarming situation. We have to defeat corona any how.

Author: N.K

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