About EAI


Entrepreneurship today has become a very dynamic, growing and increasingly robust field as compared to previously where little attention was given to technology, structure, influence or connections for growth, the markets were traditional as compared to now-a- days. Recognizing this gap this Association is formed in order to convey through mentors, leaders and practitioners who could share ideas, lessons learned and networks in order to increase their impact. EAI aims to reach the otherwise unreachable,” and serve the previously undeserved communities throughout our world.

Entrepreneurs Association of India (EAI) is the most unique and versatile platform in the country for all spheres of Entrepreneurs(potential as well as flourishing), Students, StartUps, StartUp aspirants, Youth, Women, people of all age groups in and outside India to come together as a whole with the aim to achieve growth and development of their Community, District, State and ultimately Our Country, INDIA.

Unlike other associations, EAI mainly focuses on development and growth of Entrepreneurs/ Start ups /Young aspirants on District and Community levels across the nation, which has never happened before and thus distinguishing EAI above all from the league.
EAI provides an easy-to-access social network, allows entrepreneurs to connect and volunteer to business mentors present across the globe so they can solve problems and build a feasible business model together. EAI acts as a linkage between growing communities among District / State and Country level with our numerous mentors who continue to make an impact through the power of mentoring to help small enterprises thrive. This is the Association where Fellows share connections, funding and opportunities; they team up on projects and on various other issues to provide you an exposure to Global ever-changing market and updating Technology Trends by adding cutting-edge skills to your toolbox.


  • For social enterprise to reach its potential as a force for more effective and sustainable social impact.
  • We empower social enterprises with the tools and resources they need to succeed.
  • Support and grow in the field on a national scale and serve as a voice for more sustainable social impact and work to foster a social enterprise ecosystem in which they can thrive.


  • Providing a platform for entrepreneurs and enterprises to connect socially.
  • Building national and local entrepreneurship networks.
  • Curating and sharing knowledge to build capacity.
  • Developing the Positive and Supportive Entrepreneurial ecosystem.



We have 250 Registered Charter Members and Enterprise Members combined, and more than 5500 online registered members and student representatives in almost all the colleges of India buy sertraline online . We have Directors looking after different sectors and responsibilities.


We have 11 running offices as our district headquarters with district presidents and respective team. We are working to establish a Building dedicated to Incubation Centre with sector-wise experts and free Work-space for StartUps, which is included in our Roadmap for 2015.